There are three things that distinguish Deb from every other real estate broker you could choose to list your Yancey County home or buy your Mountain Air home through.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there something cool about your home.  Cool view, cool design, cool community?
  • Do you agree that smart targeting and marketing will be essential to sell your home?
  • Do you appreciate how mission critical it is to tell the ’story’ not just of your home but the story of the broader community fabric and experience that someone like you search for when buying a home in Yancey County or Mountain Air?

When the answer is yes, the answer is Deb.  I bring my 30 years of global brand experience for the likes of Verizon, SAP, Yahoo to work for you when I list your home.  Because I bring the passion  and the specific creative skill set it takes to find qualified buyers for your home, you can be confident that what I do and how I do it will create a win win for you and that right prospect.  

I market in the internet, video and print media content environments where buyers dream, explore and narrow their choices for home, place and lifestyle.  I intersect those search activities with powerful visual and content that create impact, desire and action.  I understand the geographies  where buyers who crave what Yancey County and Mountain Air, hangout  and deliberately ‘fish where those fish are’.  My sound strategy and proven tactics under the world class, highly visible EV brand, is an unbeatable magnet drawing in like minded buyers and sellers, it’s simply your best formula for success..